Monday, June 17, 2013

Siwezi kuongea Swahili

My first ever impala! So tame. 
Observe the wild house cat.
The view from the back of Sheywe Guest House. Too beautiful.
Because Kenya's countryside is gorgeous part 1.
 Because Kenya's countryside is gorgeous part 2.
 Just a cool cautious tree chillin at the resort.
 Only 6% of Lake Victoria is in Kenya.
 Mother Hippo! Thank you for treating us so kindly.
 A weaver bird with its woven nests.
 And then an oasis of woven nests.
 Our hippo-impersonating leader. Notice he's on the phone in the middle of Lake Victoria (and by middle, I don't actually mean middle).
The last of the sixteen people exiting our fantastic boat.

Oh! I forgot to mention that on the way back from the lake to Kisumu, we had only two tuk tuks. Each tuk tuk is supposed to fit four to five passengers including the driver. We successfully had 16 between the two of us, fitting 8 into each. One intern sat with up front with the driver, four were in the middle, and two sat in the back facing the road behind them. I was in the back and have four things to say about it: first, it was beautiful. Second, it was so not Kenyan, so we got some weird looks. Third, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the safest way of transportation. Fourth, Pollyne (the Local Program Coordinator for FSD Kakamega) kept laughing at the two of us in the back. Regardless, I loved it.

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  1. And I love your observations. Keep 'em coming!