Monday, June 24, 2013

A little diddy about last Friday because I told Joeva I would

There is a place called Kakamega Golf Hotel. Yes, it is ritzy and no, it is absolutely not real Kenya. However, it is a place to decompress after a tough week while sipping on some drinks by the pool while you utilize their free wifi. So to destress a bit from the first week of internshiphood, I met up with a couple friends from FSD at Golf for just a bit. The rain started, but we decided to wait it out. It finally started to let up--or so we thought--so we decided to make our respective ways home. Only two minutes had passed and it had already started to downpour again. 
NOTE: Two out of the three of us had thirty-minute walks home ahead of us. Whoops. I was soaked within minutes but was having fun with it. Unlike in Portland, I didn't even have to convince myself that I love the rain. This rain was actually really enjoyable! So I trudged past the people crowding under awnings and made my way through the sidewalk-turned-muddy-river lined with produce stands. Sidewalk River was so high that it reached my mid-calf. 
All of a sudden, I heard a voice from a produce stand calling "Come over here! Come wait here!" So I joined Victor the friendly fruit vendor in the safety of his stand. We made idle chit chat about where he buys his fruit and how I'm very hesitant to take a piki piki* until the the rain finally subsided. 
I made it home just in time to make a delicious batch of chapati and ndengu** with my host sister Grace.

*Lots of men drive around motorbikes and give people rides for money. So it's like a two-wheeled taxi with a motor.
**The most tasty way you could ever eat lentils. 

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  1. Be careful-- Golf house IS real Kenya, just not the status quo!